The People of God: Family

In this last week of my series on what it means to be “The People of God” I take a look at the analogy used more informally, “Family”. The Scriptures refer to Christians as brothers and sisters, and Sons of God. What do these sayings mean for who we are in the world?

The People of God: Temple

What is the Church? For the next four weeks, I will be examining the major analogies Scripture uses to talk about the People of God to better understand our role as the Church. The first in this series is focused on the analogy of being the “Temple” of God.

The Life of Billy Graham

Every year I preach two biographical sermons based on Christians from history. During the weekend before the Fourth of July I usually focus on a Christian from American history. This year I preached about the life of Billy Graham and how his life can teach us how to follow Jesus as we share the gospel with others around us.

Sing and Rejoice: Set of Practices

Worship is far more than what we do when we gather together. Gathering together for worship is intended to fuel a life of worship outside of our gatherings. This week we take a look at how our lives are supposed to be lived in constant worship.

Consumerism the Idol

Many things have been written about worship over the ages. Worship is a topic close to the human heart. Every religion that I can think of have rituals or practices that can be described worship, or at least reverence, toward spiritual power beyond our understanding. Much of the Jewish scriptures focus on the correct worship of the creator of all things and how often humanity gets it wrong. I have been studying the topic of worship lately in preparation for preaching on the topic and wanted to share an ancillary thought from my reflections.

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