10 Christian Practices: Silence

There are many long standing disciplines in the Christian faith worth re-capturing for today. God likes to speak to us as we still ourselves before him. In this sermon I look at how important silence and solitude is and challenge us to find time for it.

Appear: A New Way

Today I take a look at the story of Pentecost as I wrap up my series on the appearances of Jesus after the resurrection. The coming of the Holy Spirit gives us Jesus’ presence in a whole new way promised by God for a long time. What does it mean for us to live in the reality of God’s presence in us in the Holy Spirit today? Join me as I reflect on this story.

Appear: To Ascend

Jesus appears one last time to his disciples before he ascends into heaven to be at the right hand of the Father. While in Jerusalem the disciples share one more meal with Jesus and he commands them to stay put in the city until the Spirit comes upon them. He reminds them one more time of the mission he is calling them into. Are we living into that mission today?

Appear: To Commission

This morning I take a look at one of Jesus’ last appearances to his disciples. In this appearance Jesus invites his disciples into the mission he began. What is this mission? How do we understand our part in that mission today? Come think with me on one of the most popular passages in Christianity.

Sincere Faith

What does it mean for us to pass down the faith given to us? Do we recognize those who faithfully poured into our lives, passing their faith on to us? On this Mother’s Day I examine the idea of what it means to pass on our faith and recognize the role our mothers and fathers in the faith have played in passing it down to us.

Appear: At the Lake

Jesus appears once again to his disciples but this time in Galilee as he had promised. The disciples went there to wait for him but soon got anxious and returned to what they knew best, fishing. After a night of no luck, Jesus shows up and reminds them of their calling to be fishers of men.