Wayward: Begrudgingly

Today I continue a series started by my colleague Rev. Renee Roederer. We are taking a walk through the book of Jonah and this week I am exploring chapter three. We like life when we can maintain our illusion of control but sometimes God comes along and does something to destroy that illusions. How do we respond to God in those times? Will we seek to know and follow God’s ways or our own?

Freedom from Fear

When I was about 10 years old my dad must have decided I was too old to be terrified of the dark. One evening while I was sitting in my room, he came in and shut the door and turned out the light. [1][1][1]He did not remember this when he heard me retell it so who knows what really happened but the memory is etched into my brain He didn’t say anything and just stood there. I didn’t know that was his plan so I was waiting for him to try and scare me. I could swear I saw him moving around the room. I could even hear the movements.

A couple of minutes later (an eternity for me) he turned the light back on and was standing in the same place. I asked if he had been moving around the room. He answered that he had been standing in that same spot the whole time. He then told me that is what my brain does when it is scared. It sometimes sees and hears things that aren’t really there. I never forgot this wisdom and haven’t been afraid of the dark since.

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