10 Christian Practices: Fellowship

The world has thrown us a curve ball when it comes to our ideas about fellowship. As we end our series on practices every Christian should do, we look at how the principle of fellowship can still be accomplished in these days of COVID-19.

10 Christian Practices: Generosity

God has been generous toward us in his mercy and love. We are called as Christians to be generous with the blessings God has given to us. What does it look like to live a life of generosity toward God and others? We take a look at the parable of the Good Samaritan to think about this Christian practice.

10 Christian Practices: Thanksgiving

God has blessed us with so much in life let alone the grace and mercy we have received through Jesus. We see a regular practice throughout scripture of giving thanks to God for all God has done. Do we have thanksgiving on our lips first or grumbling? Listen in as I talk about how to develop a practice of giving thanks.

10 Christian Practices: Confession

We are totally forgive by God in the grace offered to us in Jesus Christ. What keeps us hiding from God still? Confession is an important practice in the Christian life that helps us to come before our creator vulnerable, trusting, and ready to turn from our sinful ways. Listen in as we reflect on this practice today.

10 Christian Practices: Meditation

We hear a lot about meditation these days as an important practice for mental and physical health. Christian meditation takes after the Jewish practice of meditation focusing your mind on God’s revealed word to learn God’s will for you. We look in this sermon how to develop this practice in your life.

One practice we have used in Church before can be found in more detail on this page about Lectio Divina

10 Christian Practices: Fasting

Fasting has been a hot topic the last couple of years with fad diets. Fasting has also been used for spiritual purposes in religions around the world for many millennia. What does Christian fasting look like and what is the point of it? Listen this week to find out and learn how you can practice this to grow in your daily relationship with God.

10 Christian Practice: Listening

We are called into a relationship with God because the source of our life is found only in God. How can we know God’s will for us unless we listen? In this sermon I examine the ancient practice of listening to God and ┬áchallenged all of us to spend intentional time listening.

10 Christian Practices: Silence

There are many long standing disciplines in the Christian faith worth re-capturing for today. God likes to speak to us as we still ourselves before him. In this sermon I look at how important silence and solitude is and challenge us to find time for it.