Some Thoughts…

I have been reflecting on the next steps for me in God’s calling. I am still searching for clarity. God has provided through various means of part time work and some consulting. More than that, God has provided through a transformative relationship with Him in a way I had yet experienced. I have come to see that absolute dependence is what God desires. Not a half hearted intellectual understanding at the idea of surrender. Real surrender to His presence and will in my life. I am still learning this truth but because of the journey God has had me on here are some thoughts I have on the future regardless of specifics. Continue reading “Some Thoughts…”

Blessed: Poor in Spirit

Jesus speaks more about money than any other topic. Is wealth a bad thing in and of itself? Jesus warns about the pursuit of wealth as our end goal but wealth can be used for God. When Jesus talks about being “poor in spirit” it is more about a disposition before God the Father than a condition of material possessions. How can we be people who are poor in spirit before the Lord?


This week I start a new series on the Beatitudes at the beginning of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. For Matthew’s gospel, the Kingdom of Heaven is an important theme. In the first teaching of Jesus’ that Matthew records, Jesus sets the tone for what the Kingdom will be about. What do the Beatitudes have to do with being Kingdom oriented people? Listen in and meditate on this question with me.

10 Christian Practices: Generosity

God has been generous toward us in his mercy and love. We are called as Christians to be generous with the blessings God has given to us. What does it look like to live a life of generosity toward God and others? We take a look at the parable of the Good Samaritan to think about this Christian practice.

10 Christian Practices: Thanksgiving

God has blessed us with so much in life let alone the grace and mercy we have received through Jesus. We see a regular practice throughout scripture of giving thanks to God for all God has done. Do we have thanksgiving on our lips first or grumbling? Listen in as I talk about how to develop a practice of giving thanks.

10 Christian Practices: Confession

We are totally forgive by God in the grace offered to us in Jesus Christ. What keeps us hiding from God still? Confession is an important practice in the Christian life that helps us to come before our creator vulnerable, trusting, and ready to turn from our sinful ways. Listen in as we reflect on this practice today.