Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

Today I begin a new series inspired by the music around the story of Christmas. This week is “Come Thou Long Expected Jesus” written by Charles Wesley to remember the waiting of Israel for the messiah fulfilled in Jesus and our waiting today for Jesus to return.

Remembering What the Lord Has Done

Often we get stuck in nostalgia when we look back to our past. God calls his people to look back regularly but never in a desire to go back to the “good ol’ days” but to see how God was always faithful in the past so that we can trust him today.

The Life and Lessons from Mother Teresa

Every year I explore the life of two prominent Christians from History. One during the Fourth of July weekend from the USA, and another on Reformation Sunday from somewhere else in the world. This year we are taking a look at Mother Teresa.

Sent: God’s Love Abides

Rev. Isaac Chung shares with us in our series about mission. What role does providing for those in physical need play in what God has Sent us to do? As we care for the physical needs of others we show we care for people holistically and earn the right to be heard when we share God’s love with our words.

Sent: Pure Religion

I continue to look at our mission as the Church. Jesus was Sent into this world and has Sent us to join in that mission. In this sermon we look at Jesus’ care for those most vulnerable and our responsibility to care for those at risk of being oppressed by the world.

Sent: The Great Confusion

Jesus was Sent to this world on a mission. When he ascended into heaven, he gave that mission over to his Church to continue it in his name. In this sermon, we look at how Jesus saw his own mission through the prophet Isaiah and in turn what our mission is to be.