How to Deal with Conflict Biblically

We all encounter conflict in this life. We wrong someone, or they wrong us. How do we make sure that conflict is resolved in a healthy way? Jesus has some words to us and I examine how those words apply today and what situations they may not apply.

Social? Corrupting Speech

In this final installment of the “Social?” series I examine the ease at which we swing toward negativity online. The biblical principle is clear that we are to use our speech to build up and encourage those around us. Will we choose to see others as Jesus sees them or follow the way of the current culture?

Social? Iron Sharpens Iron

My good friend and guest preach Rev. Isaac Chung continues our journey to examine what it means to be social beings in today’s world. Looking at biblical principles this week we explore what it means for us to help make one another better humans in this journey of life together.