The Life of Billy Graham

Every year I preach two biographical sermons based on Christians from history. During the weekend before the Fourth of July I usually focus on a Christian from American history. This year I preached about the life of Billy Graham and how his life can teach us how to follow Jesus as we share the gospel with others around us.

Sing and Rejoice: Set of Practices

Worship is far more than what we do when we gather together. Gathering together for worship is intended to fuel a life of worship outside of our gatherings. This week we take a look at how our lives are supposed to be lived in constant worship.

The Last Week

This week we explore Jesus’ last week. What does Jesus’ final seven days speak to our journey on The Way? Jesus’ actions are provacative and enforcing the rest of his three year ministry. Do his actions on Palm Sunday as he entered Jerusalem convict us today of the uncoverted parts of our lives?

Sinners, Outcast, and the Poor

Jesus ministered to those that were cast out from society and those who were in prominence. Jesus showed all respect and diginity as image bearers of God. Are we too judgemental of those around us? Do we hold on to grudges and hurts, refusing to forgive? Jesus calls us to follow after him in being an agent of forgiveness and healing for all.