Appear: Triumph Before the Storm

We start a new worship series today on Palm Sunday looking at the appearances of Jesus around the Easter story. Today we look at John’s account of the Palm Sunday events and how Jesus’ actions don’t always match up with our expectations.

Wayward: Begrudgingly

Today I continue a series started by my colleague Rev. Renee Roederer. We are taking a walk through the book of Jonah and this week I am exploring chapter three. We like life when we can maintain our illusion of control but sometimes God comes along and does something to destroy that illusions. How do we respond to God in those times? Will we seek to know and follow God’s ways or our own?

Wayward: Conflict in the Relationship

Guest preacher Rev. Renee Roederer begins a new Lenten series for us on the book of Jonah. What happens when our relationship with God gets off track and we go Wayward toward our own desires and ignore God’s call? Listen in as we begin this series on Jonah.

How to Deal with Conflict Biblically

We all encounter conflict in this life. We wrong someone, or they wrong us. How do we make sure that conflict is resolved in a healthy way? Jesus has some words to us and I examine how those words apply today and what situations they may not apply.

Social? Corrupting Speech

In this final installment of the “Social?” series I examine the ease at which we swing toward negativity online. The biblical principle is clear that we are to use our speech to build up and encourage those around us. Will we choose to see others as Jesus sees them or follow the way of the current culture?

Social? Iron Sharpens Iron

My good friend and guest preach Rev. Isaac Chung continues our journey to examine what it means to be social beings in today’s world. Looking at biblical principles this week we explore what it means for us to help make one another better humans in this journey of life together.

Social? Selfless Love

We are made in the image of God. What does that teach us about our social nature? God is selfless community for all eternity. A mystery contained in the revelation of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. How can be selfless in our motive and activities in the virtual world. Join me in exploring this topic this week.