Social? Selfless Love

We are made in the image of God. What does that teach us about our social nature? God is selfless community for all eternity. A mystery contained in the revelation of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. How can be selfless in our motive and activities in the virtual world. Join me in exploring this topic this week.

Social? Chord of Three Strands

This week I look at what it means to be a social creature in today’s world by talking about how community strengthens us. We need one another to be stronger by design. What ways does Social Media and today’s technology help us in this endeavor and what pitfalls are there?

Social? Created for Community

Today I start a new series examining the essential human nature as a social creature. We are created to work best in community with others. Technology throughout human history has impacted how we interact but the desire to be social has always been there. What can we learn about our social nature to apply to the tools available to us today?

As With Gladness Men of Old

Have you ever realized how strange the story of the magi from the east visiting Jesus is? Today I contemplate the inspiration of the famous hymn “As With Gladness Men of Old” and how it connects to this strange story in the gospel of Matthew.

Silent Night

The night that Jesus was born was unlikely to be silent, so why does the hymn “Silent Night” resonate so much with the Christmas season? I contemplate the inspiration of this hymn and how it can be an analogy of peace and stillness before God even when our lives are busy and noisy.

Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

Today I begin a new series inspired by the music around the story of Christmas. This week is “Come Thou Long Expected Jesus” written by Charles Wesley to remember the waiting of Israel for the messiah fulfilled in Jesus and our waiting today for Jesus to return.