Daily Reflections – Sabbath Creation


2 thoughts on “Daily Reflections – Sabbath Creation

  1. So why is it that we(Christians) seem to forget the Sabbath? When trying to list the 10 Commandments as a family, we just could not seem to get that 10th one….Remember the Sabbath to keep it Holy.
    How can the Jews hold on to this “tradition” and Christians can’t seem to take a load off as GOD intended us to do?
    The Sabbath is our weekly reminder from GOD to unplug and spend time with HIM, family, friends, nature. Enjoy HIS beautiful creations.

    1. It is just so against our culture. As American we pride ourselves on our independence and our productivity and ingenuity. Sabbath undermines all those ideas. Maybe it is time for us to start reclaiming it as a culture.

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