Daily Reflections – Sabbath Rest

One thought on “Daily Reflections – Sabbath Rest

  1. Ahhhh Rest. Something I do not know much about as I get up in the middle of the night with our dog. I agree, it is cultural to Americans to stay busy. The busier you are the more productive you are right? But “re-charging” our bodies is just as important as our productivity. As we are on “house arrest”, I don’t find myself anymore rested(I still get broken sleep)in terms of the amount of sleep I get, but I realize I am not hurried throughout the day. Just by being forced to slow down, I have noticed I have a sense of calm about me. That calm has made me feel more rested. As I reflect, I realize the stress has left me. Stress is the culprit to my sleepless nights. Having a Sabbath Day to rest is not only good for our soul but our body too.

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