When Christians Fail You…(Non Christian Edition)

I have known so many people over the years who were turned off from Christianity or were deeply hurt by Christians and lost their faith over it. Recently I have been thinking about what happens when Christians fail those around them. Part of it is because of high profile cases of Christian leaders failing those they serve very publicly and some of it is because of personal experiences. I wrote a blog a couple of weeks ago aimed at Christians who have been hurt by their brothers or sisters in the faith or by the Church itself. While I was writing that, I realized it did not really address those who do not consider themselves Christian but who have also been hurt. This is my attempt to start a conversation with those folks.

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Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

Today I begin a new series inspired by the music around the story of Christmas. This week is “Come Thou Long Expected Jesus” written by Charles Wesley to remember the waiting of Israel for the messiah fulfilled in Jesus and our waiting today for Jesus to return.

Remembering What the Lord Has Done

Often we get stuck in nostalgia when we look back to our past. God calls his people to look back regularly but never in a desire to go back to the “good ol’ days” but to see how God was always faithful in the past so that we can trust him today.

The Life and Lessons from Mother Teresa

Every year I explore the life of two prominent Christians from History. One during the Fourth of July weekend from the USA, and another on Reformation Sunday from somewhere else in the world. This year we are taking a look at Mother Teresa.